LFA aims to provide access to well researched information and original material for international, national and local exhibitions, museums and events. Other specialist in-house research includes the development of footballs and football kit & equipment and the early origins of football games in Europe. The LFA on-loan & reference collection has around 30% of the original Association and Rugby Union HLC components, representing over 50 countries and with additional and complementary material. It includes a range of original fine artwork; such as oil and watercolour paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture and ceramics and examples of equipment. It holds many images (photographic and printed), mostly from 1830-2000. These include those representing football’s town and village, military, school and university contexts, women’s football, social & commercial history and elements of the FIFA-Langton collection. There and many other cultural topics such a sport injury, hooliganism, discrimination, drinking, gambling and smoking cultures. Partnership agreements and affiliations with other  small private collections enables a wide reach to locate particular information and images.